The Cornerstone Fellowship Group is organized with a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Care Committee, Missions Committee, and an Activities Committee. We are developing a Hospitality Committee. Job descriptions are given below.

Kim is our current President

Dean is group treasurer. Karen serves on the Care Committee.

Dean is Treasurer, Karen leads
the Caring Committee

Judi is Chair of the Missions Committee.

Judi is Chair of the Missions Committee,

Steve is Vice President

Susan serves as class administrative secretary.



1 Year Term

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Provide overall leadership to the CFG striving toward genuine community; unity with the greater WSEFC family; sound Biblical teaching; intentional discipleship of all members; and powerful prayer, corporately and individually.
  • Chair leadership meetings at least twice a year. Provide spiritual encouragement, guidance, and direction in the decision making process.
  • Call special meetings if specific needs arise at other times of the year, and attend WSEFC leadership meetings as requested by pastors/staff.
  • With other members of the leadership team, secure teachers for the teaching team for the Sunday morning fellowship time, and identify the “Lead Teacher.” Assist the lead teacher in securing quality substitutes.
  • Address discipline issues within the group, consulting and seeking guidance from WSEFC pastor(s) and other members of the leadership team.
  • Pray for the fellowship group routinely.
  • Open Sunday morning fellowship time with announcements, events, and prayer.


  • Role and Responsibilities:
  • Attend CFG leadership team meetings.
  • The VP is a support to the President. In the absence of the President on a Sunday morning, he/she will open the Sunday morning fellowship time with announcements, events, and prayer. The VP may be asked to attend and/or lead special meetings that may be needed for specific situations during the year.
  • Pray for the fellowship group routinely.
  • The VP will step into the role of President at the end of his/her one year term as VP.


  • Role and Responsibilities:
  • Maintain the financial records for CFG with detailed accounting of all funds in and out.
  • Report on funds in and out, verbally and in writing, at the CFG leadership meetings.
  • Distribute the missions collections bags the 1st Sunday of every month, gather the donations, and forward funds to the church office (designated as CFG) to be deposited.
  • Complete check requisitions to disburse funds from the church office as requested by the leadership team.
  • Collect dollars for special activities and disburse as requested.


  • Role and Responsibilities:
  • Attend CFG leadership team meetings. Request agenda items in advance and prepare the meeting agenda. Record, maintain, and distribute meeting minutes.
  • Greet newcomers at their first visit and provide a contact information form for them to complete. Forward the contact information to the hospitality chair and add to the class directory after attending for a few weeks.
  • Maintain class directory, including current mailing and email addresses, and phone numbers. Update photos for directory as membership changes.
  • Distribute the weekly email of prayer praises and concerns.
  • Forward and/or write emails between Sundays to update members on special events, prayer or care needs, and other issues that arise.
  • Maintain the CFG calendar.
  • Prepare and distribute the sign-up sheets for weekly snacks, 5th Sunday brunch, and social events.
  • Serve as a liaison with the church office to request use of the classroom and inform church staff of special functions.
  • Lead Teacher to attend the CFG leadership team meetings.
  • Lead Teacher to provide oversight to the teaching team equipping them with the materials to teach, managing the teaching schedule, monitoring quality, and providing feedback to teachers as needed.
  • Teaching team to:
  • Select Bible study curriculum, teachers, and substitutes, and recommend to the leadership team for approval.
  • Facilitate learning and application of Scripture through dynamic, interactive lessons using the selected and approved curriculum.
  • Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in thoughtfully preparing for lessons; prepare hand-outs for the class; teach according to the agreed upon schedule or secure a substitute; and encourage class discussions while staying on topic, and managing the time effectively. The class must vacate the room no later than 10:30 a.m.
  • Chair to attend the CFG leadership team meetings.
  • Proactively seek information on special needs of the fellowship group members.
  • Send cards of encouragement and ask others to do so, as well.
  • Coordinate meals, visits, transportation assistance, and other caring help that members of the group may need or request when ill or in special need.MISSIONS TEA Chair to attend the CFG leadership team meetings.
  • Remain abreast of current needs of the missionaries and communicate to the group about specific ways group members may support the missions and missionaries at any given time
  • Suggest to the leadership team how missions donations may be best utilized and distributed.
  • Chair to attend the CFG leadership team meetings, or provide a written outline of upcoming event details and names of the designated hosts/hostesses.
  • As a team, plan and schedule 7-9 social events a year designed to deepen the friendships and unity within the community.
  • Seek and assign hosts/hostesses to lead/coordinate specific events, and maintain contact to provide support to them as needed.
  • Chair to attend the CFG leadership team meetings, and coordinate outreach efforts with the team to welcome and assimilate newcomers into CFG.
  • Team member(s) to greet newcomers at Sunday morning CFG gatherings, attempt to sit with them (if they are not already with someone as a guest), and introduce them to the class during announcements time.
  • In Secretary’s absence, Hospitality Team Chair to give the newcomers a contact information sheet to complete.
  • Chair to place a call to first-time guests to say “It was nice meeting you on Sunday…” to provide personal follow-up to their visit, even if they came as a guest of another member. The goal of the call is simply to extend the hand of friendship, answer any questions about the church or fellowship group, and to welcome them to return if they desire. Caller will add, “I’ll keep an eye out for you!” if it seems appropriate.
  • Chair to ask a hospitality team member to follow up after the newcomer’s third visit with a lunch invitation. The host(s) will either provide a meal in their home or meet the newcomers at a restaurant. The luncheon has one purpose – friendship.
  • Chair to stay updated on status of life groups within CFG, particularly in terms of the climate of the groups and who is open to new members. Around the fifth visit, Chair to ask newcomers if they’d consider being part of a smaller life group. After discussion on the matter, if the newcomers show any interest, Chair to offer to have an appropriate life group member contact them to discuss it further.
  • Chair to assign another hospitality team member to personally invite the newcomers to the next social event, and to plan to befriend them at that event, particularly in terms of making introductions.
  • Depending on the nature and giftedness of the newcomers, Chair to ask a CFG Team Leader or person involved in a church ministry to invite the newcomers to participate in their ministry with them. Example: An active member of the Alpha dinner crew may invite someone to join them in meal preparation.